How can I cancel my hosting?

The cancellation of your webspace/mailspace is possible with a 4 weeks notice period to the end of the term of the respective hosting.

You can cancel at any time in your customer area:

1. Click on Hosting in the left side menu.

2. Then click the Cancel product button in the middle of the new page.

The cancellation will now be made and performed in due time. After a cancellation, you have the chance to take back the cancellation and continue using your hosting package until the displayed cancellation date. To do so, click on the "Restore" button, which will only be displayed if the cancellation is active.

Note: Please be aware that after a hosting package cancellation, all data will be deleted from our servers. Therefore, please back up your websites, databases and emails independently and in time. A subsequent restoration from a backup is then no longer possible.

If the hosting package is not cancelled, it will be extended for another term. For your personal safety, we will inform you in advance by e-mail about the upcoming extension of a hosting. This information is provided for all hostings 14 days before the expiration of the cancellation period and additionally 14 days before the renewal date.