How do I install Wordpress in my hosting?

Here you will find step-by-step instructions on how to install Wordpress on the web space of your INWX hosting:

  1. Download the latest version of Wordpress:
  2. Unzip the downloaded ZIP file.
  3. The unzipped folder must be uploaded to the web space via FTP.
  4. Create an FTP account for this, if not already available.
  5. Switch to the Froxlor Hosting administration.
  6. To do so, click on Hosting in the left-hand side menu and then on manage:

  7. In the Froxlor hosting administration panel, you can set up your FTP user account via the FTP menu item:

  8. To do this, click the pencil icon, assign a password and then save your change:

  9. For the installation of Wordpress a database is needed. You can also create this in Froxlor. Navigate to the menu item Databases and click Create database.

  10. Assign a database description, a password and save your entries.

  11. Now the unzipped Wordpress folder must be uploaded to the web space via FTP. Establish the connection with your FTP client. Here the example of the free FTP client Filezilla.
  12. You can find the server data under the Hosting menu item in your customer area:

  13. In Filezilla, open the Server Manager with Ctrl+S and fill in the fields as shown in the screenshot. Finish with OK.

  14. After successful connection, please delete the already existing index.html file from the server first.

  15. Then select all the files in the Wordpress installation folder and drag and drop them onto the server. The upload should now start automatically.

  16. After that, please call your domain in your browser. The WordPress installation page should appear. If you haven't linked the domain to the hosting package yet, you can find instructions here:
    How do I connect my domain to my INWX hosting package?

  17. Fill in the fields with your data and then run the installation.

    • Database Name = The database name as specified in Froxlor, is identical to the user name.
    • Username = The username of your database that you have previously set up in Froxlor.
    • Password = The password you have assigned to your database.
    • Database Host = localhost
    • Table Prefix = wp_ (Change this value only if you want to set up multiple Wordpress installations with only one database).

  18. You will then be taken to the famous 5-minute WordPress installation:

  19. Click Install Wordpress to start the installation. Finally, you should see the following screen and can log into WP-Admin.