How can I display the header of an email in the webmailer?

When an email ends up in spam, it can be very revealing to analyze the header of the email as it contains important information such as spam detection notes. The following instructions will show you how to view the header of an email in our webmail.

1. Log in to your customer area at
2. Click on the Hosting menu item in the left side menu.
3. Open the webmailer using the link as shown in the screenshot. A new tab with the webmailer will open.
4. TIP: Bookmark the webmailer in your browser so that you can conveniently access it again at any time without logging in.
5. In the login area please use the following login data:
Username = The relevant email address, e.g.:
Password = the password you have assigned to this e-mail address
6. After successful login: Please search in the inbox for the email whose header you would like to view.
7. Please click Details at the top of the address section:
8. Now, please click All Headers:
9. A popup window with the headers (message headers) will open.
10. Now you can select the content with the mouse and copy it to the clipboard with the key combination Ctrl+C.
11. Then you have the option to save the copied header information or copy it into an email and forward it to us for analysis.