How can I set up out of office messages/auto-responders?

You have the option to set up an out of office message for each email box.

Please follow the steps below to set an automated out of office message for your email address:

1.Log in to your webmail interface with your credentials. You can get the address of the webmail system in our customer area under the menu item Hosting.
2. Click on Settings at the top right.
3. Select the Filter menu on the left and click on the plus symbol at the bottom.
4. Give the filter a name, e.g. "Vacation" and select "All messages" as the filter rule and "Reply with message" as the filter action.
5. In the Subject and Message fields you can compose your individual messages to the sender. (You can leave the fields Reply email address and My email addresses empty).
6. By clicking Save, the filter will be active.

If you want to disable the out of office message, please click the button at Filter enabled and save this.