How can I create a PTR record?

If you are the owner of your own IP network and the operator can delegate your reverse zone to our name servers,
you can manage your reverse DNS entries with us. You can find instructions on how to create the necessary zone

To create new PTR entries, proceed as follows:

Navigate to the menu item Nameserver and select the edit button of the desired domain. If PTR entries already exist, you can edit them.

1. Select the desired zone (E. g. or create it first.
2. Select the zone in which you want to create a PTR entry by using the eye symbol.
3. Select Add DNS entry.
4. Enter the required IP from your network under Name.
5. Select the record type PTR.
6. Enter the domain name under Value.

Example for IPV 4:
You want to connect the domain with the IP in your network
Then the entry must look like this:

If you want to create an entry for the IP in your IP network, the entries under Name must be made in reverse order, so '7.9' would have to be entered here.