How can I create a Nameserver Set?

In case you frequently make use of specific Nameservers, you can deposit those as Nameserver-Set.

In this way, you can choose the Nameservers directly out of a list, during Registration, Transfer, Update, etc.

Please enter follow the subsequent steps to create a NS-Set:

  1. Log into the customer area.

  2. Click on Nameserver on the left side of the customer area.

  3. Click on the tab Manage NS-Sets.

  4. Create a new Nameserver-Set by pressing the button Add NS-Set.

  5. Choose the type of NS-Set. To use our NS as virtual NS with your domain name choose virtual Nameserver. To use us as secondary NS, choose Secondary NS. To use Nameservers of an external provider, choose external NS.

  6. Enter at least 2 Nameserver into the field Nameserver.

  7. Confirm the changes by clicking Save.

All further data is optional.