Why has my PayPal payment not yet been added to my credit account?

That PayPal payments have not been added to your account can have different reasons:

The Payment process has not been executed completely
By choosing payment via PayPal, you will be redirected to PayPal. There you have to enter your PayPal log ind data and choose the payment method. Subsequently, you will be redirected to our website. The payment process is to be executed by clicking on “Execute”. Please make sure that you complete all steps in the payment process. Only after full completion, your payment will be added to your account.

Payment pending
The reason for pending payment could be that you chose bank transfer at PayPal. In that case PayPal waits for your payment to arrive. Subsequently, the sum will be forwarded to us. Payments via your PayPal account's balance, your credit card or direct debit happen predominantly without any waiting time.

Payment is being checked by PayPal
PayPal carries out special spot checks for their transactions. In that case, your payment will be displayed in your PayPal customer area. As long as PayPal performs the security check, PayPal will withhold the payment. Your payment will not be sent to us before the security check was successful. The reason for the security check will not be disclosed to us. You as a customer do not get any information either. PayPal falsely communicates that the payment was successful. In this specific case, patience is needed until PayPal decides if the transaction can be directed to us or if it has to be canceled.