How do I set up FTP access in FileZilla?

If you want to connect to your hosting package via FTP, you need an FTP client.
The configuration is described here using the free FTP client Filezilla as an example.

The prerequisite is the creation of an FTP user account for your hosting:

You can download Filezilla here for free:

1. You can find the server data under the Hosting menu item in your customer area:

2. In Filezilla, open the server manager with Ctrl+S and fill in the fields as shown in the screenshot.
3. Finish with OK.
4. Establish the connection and authenticate yourself with the password you have assigned to your FTP account.
5. After successful connection you will see the default file index.html in the root directory on the server.
6. You can now copy files to the server by dragging them with the mouse (drag&drop).