I have booked a hosting. How do I create an email account now?

1. Please click on "create email address" in the administration for the hosting package in the email section.

2. Enter your desired email address in the field. For example, if you want to create info@yourdomainname.com, enter "info" in the field. Then select from the drop-down field for which domain you want to create the email address. If you want all emails of this address to be delivered, no matter what is in front of the @ sign, activate the catchall function. It is recommended to leave Catchall disabled, otherwise you might receive more SPAM. Then click on "Save".

3. Email box: If you want to create an email box with which you can also send emails, click on "Create account". You can then also access this mailbox with your email program.
Email forwarding: If you only want to forward the email address to an existing email address instead of a mailbox, click on "Add forwarding". Enter the destination address and click on "Save". All incoming emails will then be forwarded to an already existing address. Sending emails from this address is not possible in this case. The rest of this document will then no longer apply to you. You can close this document.

4. Enter a desired password, which you will use later to retrieve emails for this email address. If you do not enter a desired password, the password suggestion will be used as the password for this email address. Then click on "Save".