Can I use my hosting as an SMTP relay?

Relaying via INWX Hosting (a domain managed at INWX).

If you use one of our mail or web hosting products (except Mail Easy) and the domain is managed by us, you can send emails via SMTP. The number is limited to 500 emails per domain per hour. Please note that with our hosting packages, sending with the sender "" via the SMTP user "" is not possible, for spam protection reasons. If you want to use this scenario, the SMTP relay (see below) is necessary.

Relaying via our mail relay (a domain not managed by INWX)

If the domain you are using is not managed by us, you will need one of our SMTP relay offers. Our current PDF with the available packages, can be downloaded below. If you would like to order one of the SMTP-Relay packages, please contact our support team via email to Please provide us with your customer number and service pin.
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