How do I connect my domain with a booked INWX hosting package?

To make sure your domain uses the hosting package, it's necessary to link both.

Link Webspace and Mailspace:

  1. In the Domain list, behind the relevant domain name, click on the little gear icon and choose the Forwarding Action and then the Hosting tab.
  2. Depending on the package you have booked, set the check-mark for Mailspace and / or Webspace.
    With a click on Save the domain will be connected to your booked hosting package.

Note that depending on the variant chosen your recent forwardings / mailserver settings will be overwritten as you continue to use the domain with our hosting package. 

By setting up a forwarding our Nameservers will be deposited automatically with the registry. If you have used external Nameservers in the past, these will be replaced by our name servers, since it would otherwise not be possible to link domains with the hosting package.