What is the Mobile-Tan service and how can I activate it?

Domains can be very valuable. With high value, protection from foreign access to your domains becomes more important. By using the Mobile-Tan service, this is possible.

With help of a smart phone app, you can generate a temporary verification code which is needed in addition to log in with the password and user name. In this way it can be made sure to have access to your customer account.

To use Mobile-Tan you simply need to download the free Google Authenticator App. 
The App is available for various smart phone systems like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and others. There are no cost for using, like for other TAN services via SMS.

You can activate and deactivate the Mobile-Tan service at any time. Please note, that login and API access are only possible with the temporary verification code.

Please log in to activate or deactivate the service in your personal customer account. Under the menu item “Settings” → “Access details”, you can change the setting according to your desire.