Why do I receive “Nameserver error” while updating a .DE domain?

The DENIC checks the Nameserver settings of every UPDATE of .DE domains. If these are not correct, a Nameserver error will be displayed and the Update will fail (UPDATE FAILED).

You can test the Nameserver entries for .DE domains with the DENIC checking tool NAST.

This enables you to detect any possible errors with the Nameserver and the domain settings.

Click here to get to the “NAST” checking tool.

As soon as the Nameserver entries are without any faults and the NAST checking tool does not display any errors, you may again choose UPDATE from the Domain List.

Possible error messages:

Nameserver error [ERROR: 104 Calculated referral response larger than allowed (length in octets) (517)].
This message occurs when you use GlueRecords with IPv4 and IPv6 and exceed the maximum allowed size of a UDP packet (512 bytes). Since DENIC currently has no other solution available, there is only one way around this. You choose shorter names (subdomains) with a maximum of 2 characters when using 5 nameservers. e.g. a.nameserver.de or n1.nameserver.de.