Can I use my Nameserver as Hidden-Primary?

It is possible to use your Nameserver as Hidden-Primary. You operate the primary Nameserver, which is only active in background to supply the entries for our Nameservers.

At first you have to add your domain in your Nameserver. On doing so, please add one of the following Nameserver lists as NS record. The Nameservers only differ in name.




If the domain has been set as Master in our Nameserver, please make sure to delete this record before creating a new one. Afterwards you can go into our customer area to the menu item Nameserver and follow the subsequent steps:

  1. Click on Manage NS-Sets.

  2. Enter a new NS-Set with Add NS-Set and set a definite name.

  3. Choose Secondary DNS for Type.

  4. Enter the Name of the Nameservers you have chosen into the corresponding fields. For Master IP address enter the IP address of your master Nameserver.

After you have saved the NS-Set, it will be available while you set up new domains under Nameserver. Automatically the secondary configuration will be used with the matching master IP address for newly registered domains.

To use us as secondary DNS, the domain at issue must be set in our Nameserver. To do this manually, click on the menu item Nameserver and then on the button Add Domain. Choose the new Nameserver-Set.

The Nameserver which executes zone transfers, has the IP Please send your NOTIFYs to the IP address. Also, AXFR zone transfers must be allowed by the server under this IP address.