How do I set up Glue-Records?

Glue Records are necessary to use Nameservers for a domain that end to the same domain name. 

For example at the domain 

In that case, additional to the name of the Nameserver the IP-address of the Nameserver must be transmitted to the registry.

Please follow the subsequent steps to set up Glue-Records:

1. Log in to the customer area at
2. Choose the menu item Domain and then Domain List.
3. Choose Create Glue Record next to the respective domain name.
4. Enter the subdomain of the Nameserver into the field Hostname without the domain name. E.g. ns or ns2.
5. Enter your IP address into the field IP. If this Nameserver is accessible with multiple IP addresses, you may click on more to add further IP addresses. IPv4 as well as IPv6 are allowed.
6. Click on Save.

To add further gluerecords (e.g. oder just click more or repeat the process from step 2. At the end, update the domain to the new Nameservers, to transmit these incl. the corresponding IPs to the registry.