I received a bill from nic.at. Is it possible to transfer the domain back to INWX?

In case a .AT domain has not been renewed in time or was not explicitly set to “Delete”, it goes back to the registry nic.at. After the registration term has ended, the nic.at takes over the accounting of the domain. During 14 days of returning the domain to the registry, it is possible to transfer the domain back to INWX. The domain will be charged with the usual price for Renewal only during this period. The bill of nic.at will then be invalid.

We can not make out a bill after 14 days have passed. The bill of nic.at will be applicable. Of course you can still move the domain to us. Since you will have to pay the bill at nic.at, we will first bill you after expiration of the domain.

To delete a .AT domain, set the domain to “Auto delete” in the customer area under the menu item “Renewals”. The domain will be deleted at the expiration date. If the domain has already expired and will be given back to the nic.at, you can address your concern directly with the nic.at. After the 14 day period, deletion is only possible with expiration of the new registration term.

For transferring a .AT domain back to us, please follow the subsequent steps:

  1. Please log into your cutomer account at www.inwx.de. 

  2. Then click on the menu option “Domain” and the subentrie “Domaintransfer”.

  3. Enter the name with the ending of the domain and  and enter the AUTHCode after a colon and click “Ok”. If you do not have an AUTHCode, please enter NOAUTHINFO as the AUTHCode and the AUTHCode will be sent to you by email. To transfer multiple domains, list the domains one below the other and enter the AUTHCode after a colon. 

  4. The transfer is now in your 'shopping cart'. Click 'Execute Order' and choose domain owner and admin c, if those are not already auto completed. 

  5. Under nameserver you can change the preset nameserver or set forwarding for your domain. You can forward to an IP address as well as a domain. In case you don't want to set forwarding now, please leave the field empty. 

  6. You can finish the ordering procedure by clicking “Execute order” or “Continue with payment”.