How can I get my .DE domain back from TRANSIT to INWX?

A expired .DE domain goes back to the DENIC registry. The domain status will change to PUSH SUCCESSFUL and will vanish from the system. In the following days, you will receive a letter from DENIC. The letter will contain access data, which will allow you to login and generate an AUTHCode. Alternatively you could delete the domain.

To revert the domain transfer, please follow the subsequent steps:

  1. Log into the customer area at

  2. Choose the menu item “Domain” on the left side and then “Domain transfer”.

  3. Enter the name and ending of the domain and click “Ok”.

  4. The transfer request is now in your 'shopping cart'. Click next to the domain name at “Please complete data” and choose domain owner and admin c, if those are not already auto completed. 

  5. Under “nameserver” you can forward your domain. You can forward to an IP address as well as to a domain. If you don't want to forward your domain yet, simply leave the fields empty. If the domain already existed in our system, the previous settings may be restored.

  6. Please enter the AUTHCode under “additional data”.

  7. You can finish the ordering procedure by clicking “Execute order” or “Continue with payment”.