How can I transfer a domain to another provider?

To be able to transfer your domain to another provider, an AUTH Code is required.

  1. Go to our customer area at
  2. Click on the menu item Domain transfer.
  3. Select the Prepare for Outgoing Transfer tab.
  4. Enter the domain name you want to transfer.
  5. To accept the transfer conditions, set the check mark.
  6. After clicking Submit, the transfer lock will be removed and the AUTH Code will be displayed.

Afterwards, you can request the transfer with the new provider.

If you only want to view the AUTH Code without unlocking the domain, this is done in the Domain list menu. Click on the domain name to get to the Domain Info and you will get more information about the domain name, such as the AUTH Code.

For gTLDs, you may confirm or reject an active outgoing transfer under the menu item Domain transfer -> Outgoing Transfer.