How can I transfer a domain to INWX?

Certainly, it is possible to transfer a domain to us. In some cases you need the AUTHCode of the Domain, which can be asked for by the domain owner at the present provider. 

Please conduct the following steps afterwards: 

  1. Log in to the INWX customer area.

  2. Click on the left menu item “Domain transfer”.

  3. Please enter the preferred domain name incl. ending and click on “Ok”. To transfer multiple domains, list the domains one below the other and if necessary enter the AUTHCode after a colon. 

  4. The transfer request is now in your 'shopping cart'. Click 'Execute Order' and choose domain owner and admin c, if those are not already auto completed. 

  5. Under nameserver you can change the preset nameserver or forward your domain. You can forward to an IP address as well as a domain. In case you don't want to forward, please leave the field empty. 

  6. In case an AUTHCode is needed to transfer the domain, please enter the code under “additional data”.

  7. You can finish the ordering procedure by clicking “Execute order” or “Continue with payment”.