How can I forward a domain to an IP address?

2014-06-19 13:17

Naturally, it is possible to forward your domain to an IP address. Please perform the following instructions to create an A record:

1. Log in to your personal customer account on
2. Choose the menu item 'Domain List' on the left navigation bar.
3. Choose the action 'Forwarding' next to the relevant domain name.
4. In the tab 'IP address' you can enter the IP address of your webserver.
5. By clicking on 'Update' the appropriate A records will be created

You will find numerous help texts for each menu item by clicking on one of
the question mark icons. In any case of doubt this will always help you.

Professional settings for the nameserver can be found in the customer area under the menu item 'Nameserver'. This possibility should be used by experienced users only.

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