I shall valid validate my .UK domain owner data, what can I do?

2016-05-25 15:25

The registry for .UK domains – Nominet – wants to make sure, that complete contact data are being used for domain registrations of .UK, .CO.UK, .ORG.UK or .ME.UK.


Therefore, a validation of the contact data on the basis of publicly available sources takes place. If the data can not be validated, the domain owner receives a notification via e-mail in which the registry requests change of the data or submitting proof of identity. (Such as copy of ID card or certificate of registration).


Following this, you send the proof of identity as a reply via e-mail to Nominet.


This process will be ensued once per domain contact. All future .UK registrations with an already validated contact do not have to be validated again.


If the data can not be validated within 30 days, the domain will be deactivated by the registry.

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