How can I change the domain owner?

2016-05-25 12:58

Of course you can change the domain owner. While changing the owner, the domain will certainly remain in your account. (In case you just want to change address data/telephone number/e-mail address, click here.)


To change the domain owner, follow the subsequent steps:


  1. Log into and click at the menu item “Domain List”.

  2. Choose “Update” in the drop down menu next to the respective domain name.

  3. The domain is now in the cart. There you can choose the domain owner. If there is no entry yet for the preferred domain owner, you can create a new contact.

  4. Execute the order.

In case your domain has one of the following endings, changing the domain owner is not possible via Update. In that case, please use the “TRADE” function:

*.hu , *.ni , *.it , am , *.ro , as, ba, be, bg, ca, cl , *.cn ,,,,, kr,,, , *.au , *.br ,,, , *.es ,, fr,, ge,, gr,,, mk, , *.my ,, pa , *.pe , *.ph ,, pk, , *.pt , *.ru ,, sg,, tn,, uy, dm, do, fo, hk, is, lt, lu,, no,, nu, pm, pro, re, rs, sk, su, sv, tf, to, travel, wf, рф, yt

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