How can I activate the trustee service?

2016-05-25 12:45

To register some domains it is necessary to have a permanent address in the respective country. In case you don't have that, we may be able to offer a trustee service, which makes it possible to register a domain in a foreign country. The domain owner or the admin c will be then be replaced by the trustee.


Trustee service does not offer hiding of domain owner data. This is only possible with using Whois Privacy.


If a TLD supports Trustee Service, is marked by a symbol in the last column of the pricelist.

Activate during a new registration or transfer:

  • As soon as the domain is in the cart, you can activate the trustee service by clicking the checkbox during the ordering process.


Dectivation for a domain that is already administrated by us:

  1. Log into www.inwx.deand click at the menu item “Domain List”.

  2. Choose “Update” in the drop down menu next to the respective domain name.

  3. The domain is now in the cart.

  4. Deactivate the trustee service, by unchecking the checkbox in the cart.

  5. Choose a domain contact, that meets the requirements (such as the local address).

  6. Execute the order.

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