Information on the price adjustment due to the strong US Dollar exchange rate

2015-04-02 13:03

In the past 12 months the value of the EURO rapidly fell against the US Dollar. This manifests itself in the fact that we have paid up to 40% more for all in US Dollar acquired domains over the last year.

In recent months our competitors already raised their prices gradually. For a long time we believed that the EURO would recover its full strength. Thus, against other providers we did not pass on the price increase to our customers.


But as a company we need to work economically too and are responsible for our employees. Therefore it is no longer possible for us to sell domains partly below the purchase price.


Consequently, we will ensure a fair adjustment and increase the price as a percentage for all TLDs that are purchased in US Dollar only. So we are able to pass on transparent conditions to you as our customers.


Since we still believe in the strength of the EURO, we will increase the price by only 30% instead of 40% and share the costs with you.


The price adjustment will be effective as of May 01, 2015. As of April 01, 2015 the renewal reports will take into account the price changes. Before that date the reports may contain the old prices and an additional payment might be required.


All new domain fees are displayed in our price list in additon to the previous fees.


In case of a constant strengthening of the EURO against the US Dollar we will pass on the benefits to you.


When comparing our prices with those of our competitors, you will certainly realize that we will remain your trusted partner with a customer oriented service and attractive prices.


Thank you for your understanding!

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