Why did my .AT domain expire directly after the transfer?

2016-05-25 17:02

A .AT domain has a cancellation period of 14 days, which are equivalent with the remaining 14 days of your renewal term. The transfer will be active in the night after the transfer has been started. In case there is not enough credit, we will have to transfer the domain back to the nic.at registry.

Before the transfer has been not successful, it is not possible for us to view the remaining duration of the registration term. Therefore we recommend already having enough credit ready on your account, in case the term ends within 14 days.

You can transfer the domain back to us within the next-to-last day of the term. Please care to have your account covered to make sure that the domain will not be given back in the night after the transfer has started.

To transfer a .AT domain back to us, it is necessary to have an AUTHCode. Please follow the subsequent steps:

  1. In case you don't posses an AUTHCode yet, you can obtain it here. (LINK: https://www.nic.at/ui/index.php/rtfconfirm/rtfintro/) There you have to enter the domain name and you and pick “InterNetworX Ltd. & Co. KG” for Registrar/Provider. Afterwards the AUTHCode will be send via e-mail to domain owner contact which is currently visible in the whois data. In case the mail address is not valid anymore, please contact the previous provider to change it.

  2. If you posses the AUTHCode, log in to www.inwx.de.

  3. Then click on the menu option “Domain” and the subentrie “Domaintransfer”. (Verlinken:)https://www.inwx.com/en/transfer

  4. Please enter the preferred domain name incl. ending and click on “Ok”. To transfer multiple domains, list the domains one below the other and if necessary enter the AUTHCode after a colon.

  5. The transfer request is now in your 'shopping cart'. Click 'Execute Order' and choose domain owner and admin c, if those are not already auto completed.

  6. Under nameserver you can change the preset nameserver or forward your domain. (Zu platt?) You can forward to an IP address as well as a domain. In case you don't want to forward, please leave the field empty.

  7. You can finish the ordering procedure by clicking “Execute order” or “Continue with payment”.

  8. With successful payment, the transfer will proceed in real-time.

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