How can I setup external nameservers?

2014-06-19 13:19

Naturally it is possible to enter external nameservers. Please use the following steps:

1. Please log into your cutomer account at
2. Then click on the menu otpion ''Domain List''.
3. Next to the domain name you choose the Action ''Update''.
4. You will be forwarded to the shopping card.
5. Click on the tab ''Nameserver''.
6. When you put a check on the field '' Type in nameservers manually'', you can enter your desired nameservers.
If you use these nameservers more often you can save it afterwards by clicking on ''Add NS-Set''. Therefore you have to leave the manual mode.
7. Finally click on ''Execute order''.

You will find numerous help texts for each menu item by clicking on one of the question mark icons. In any case of doubt this will always help you.

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