What is necessary to delete a .RO domain?

2016-05-25 12:18

An instant deletion of the .RO is possible in the customer area under the menu item “Domainlist”. With choosing “Delete” next to the respective domain name the deletion is immediately effective.

The deletion at the end of the registration term is possible in the “Domainlist”. Choose “Renewal Mode” next to the respective domain name and then “Auto Delete”. Your domain will be deleted at the end of the renewal term.

The registry needs certain documents to conclude the deletion of the .RO domain:

  • Delete Request Form for companies

    via http://www.inwx.de/download/tlds/RO_Delete_Company.doc

  • company registration certificate (with the registration number)

  • copy of the ID of the legal representatives who signed the letter

If the domain owner is a person, the letter must contain:

  • Delete request form for persons

    via http://www.inwx.de/download/tlds/RO_Delete_Person.doc

  • copy of the ID of the domain owner

Please fill the form and send it signed with the other documents to:

ICI - Registrul de Domenii .RO
Bd. Averescu 8-10 Sector 1,
Bucuresti, 011455

After the registry has received and processed the form, it will take circa further 60 days until the domain is deleted completely.

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