Why do I have to pay for my .AT domain even though it was set to “Auto Delete”?

2021-03-23 16:40

With non payment of a .AT domain and with “Auto Delete” the domain goes back to the nic.at registry. All further accounting for the domain will be done by the nic.at.

For your safety, we already point this out in the customer area and in the renewal reports you receive via e-mail.

To delete an .AT domain you have to do it actively. Else, your desire to cancel further renewal of the domain, will not be evident to the nic.at. Consequently the nic.at will renew the domain.

To delete a domain read here: <link>

You might also transfer an .AT domain within 2 weeks back to us or delete it right at the nic.at.

It is not possible to cancel retroactively after the 2 week term has passed. You then have to pay for the domain renewal at the nic.at.

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