How do I set up a CAA entry?

2021-04-14 09:17

You can now also set up CAA entries for your domains on our name servers.

Please log into your customer account at and click on the menu item "Nameserver".
Now select the domain name from the list for which you want to set up the CAA entry.

By clicking on "Add DNS entry" you can make a new entry in the DNS zone for your domain.

 1.) In the 'Name' field, enter the name of the domain for which the entry is to apply.

This is only necessary if, for example, you want to define the CAA entry for a subdomain.

 If your domain is "", enter "" or leave the field blank.

However, if you want to create the CAA record for, enter “subdomain” in the Name field.

2.) If you have not already done so, select the entry "CAA" in the 'Type' drop-down menu.

3.) The content of the CAA entry is entered in the last "Value" field.

Using the example of a certificate from '', enter the following: 0 issue "".

Please note the prefix 0. This is necessary for the correct entry, otherwise the CAA entry cannot be created. Depending on the CAA entry, the value issue can also be replaced by issuewild or iodef.

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