I use less than 3 nameservers from INWX. How can I use all 3 name servers?

2021-04-14 08:48

Of course you can use all of our 3 name servers. Please follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to the customer area at www.inwx.com/de.
  2. In the left navigation in the 'Domain' area, select the '' Domain List '' option.
  3. At the end of the line of the domain name in question, click the little "gear icon" and select '' Update '' as the action.
  4. The domain is now added to the shopping cart.
  5. Go to the shopping cart, click the edit button and then on the tab "Name Server".
  6. If necessary, remove the check mark next to "Type in nameservers manually".
  7. Select one of our name server sets that contains all 3 name servers.
  8. Confirm the change with the "Execute order" button.

Now our 3 name servers are being updated at the registry. You can edit all settings in our name servers under the menu item "Nameserver". It can take a few hours for all changes to be fully propagated.

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