How can I forward a domain to an internet address?

2016-05-25 16:06

During registration of during transfer, you can already set a target address to be forwarded by the Nameservers.

To forward to an URL after you already have registered a domain, please follow the subsequent steps:

  1. Log into and click at the menu item “Domain List”.

  2. Choose “Forwarding” next to the respective domain.

  3. Enter the target address under “URL” into the field “Web”.

  4. Choose the type of forwarding. The standard setting is forward Header-Redirect (301). That means the target URL is visible in the browser. To make the (Sub-)Domain stay visible in the browser, it is necessary to forward with Frame-Redirect. There you can set titel, description, search terms and a Favicon for searchengines.

  5. Complete the changes via click on “Update”.

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