Can I take the content of my website with me when I transfer a domain to INWX?

2021-06-15 14:49

When you transfer a domain, you move only the domain itself. The website content remains with your previous provider/hoster.

If you have an agreement with your previous hoster that they will continue to manage your website content, you can connect your domain to this hoster via A-record or use their external name servers. If there is no agreement, you will need a hosting package with us, for example. With this, you can store your website content and create new email addresses.

Note that you will need to re-upload your entire website structure. The hosting package is new and empty when you set it up. It is necessary to back up the contents of the website from your previous hoster in order to re-upload it with us. Be prepared for your website to be temporarily offline during the website re-setup.

You can get all of our hosting offers in your personal customer area in the menu item"Hosting" in the left side menu.

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