Why do I receive some emails delayed?

2021-06-08 08:59

If you have a hosting package with us and receive emails through it, you may occasionally experience delays in receiving emails. This is caused by the Anti-Spam technology 'greylisting'.

 This affects email addresses from which you receive an email to your recipient address for the first time.

Greylisting checks when an e-mail is received whether the sender is sending an e-mail for the first time. If this is the case, the sending mail server is instructed to redeliver the e-mail in 5 minutes at the earliest. If the email was delivered after this time, this email address will be whitelisted in the future and emails from the sender will be delivered without this delay in the future.

SPAM senders usually do not perform the redelivery due to the high effort and resources required. This is an effective way to fight SPAM.

You can disable greylisting if needed. This is done in the Froxlor administration interface (You can find the link to Froxlor under the menu item 'Hosting' -> 'manage'). There you can edit an existing email address with the 'pencil icon' and disable greylisting. Note that this may result in more SPAM messages being delivered in the future.

More information about greylisting can also be found on Wikipedia at:

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