Can I take my email accounts with me when I transfer my domain?

2021-05-06 08:58

With a domain transfer, you only move the domain itself. Your e-mail accounts are content that remains with your previous provider / host.

If your your previous hoster continues to manage your emails, you can connect your domain to this hoster via an MX record. If you would like to move your e-mail hosting to us as well, you will need a 'Webspace' or 'Mailspace' hosting package from us. After you have booked such a hosting package with us, you can create new email accounts. 

Please note that the content of your e-mail accounts is not automatically transferred with a domain transfer. You have to recreate each email account from scratch which means that the inbox will be empty. To transfer the contents of an email account from your previous hoster to us, you must first create a backup of your emails and then transfer this backup to your newly created email account.

All hosting offers can be found in the personal customer area under the menu item 'Hosting' in the left side menu.

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