How do I set up email forwarding to an existing email address?

2021-04-26 09:16

You can set up e-mail forwarding to an existing e-mail address in your hosting administration.

  1. Log in to
  2.  Click on 'Hosting' in the left side menu.
  3. Click on 'manage' and the Froxlor Server Management Panel will open in an new browser tab.
  4. In Froxlor, click on 'Create email addresses' in the left side menu.
  5. Enter the desired e-mail address and click on "Save".
  6. Now click on the menu item 'Adresses' in the left side menu
  7. Click the little 'pen icon' at the end of the line of the corresponding e-mail adress. 
  8. In the next window click on 'Create forwarder'.
  9. In the 'Destination' field, enter the email address to which your emails should be forwarded. Confirm with a click on 'Save'.

It can take a few minutes until the forwarding is active.

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