Spam protection for emails

2021-04-20 11:01

If you have booked our mail- or webspace package, you have the option of activating the so-called greylisting method as spam protection. The greylisting method is an effective way to protect your email inbox from unwanted email.

When using the greylisting method, incoming e-mails are initially rejected by our e-mail server with a temporary error message. A spam sending e-mail server usually does not send multiple e-mails successively to the same address. Contrary, legitimate e-mail servers that are not explicitly used to send spam respond to this temporary error message with further - delayed - delivery attempts.

As soon as the e-mail is delivered a second time, our server accepts the e-mail and sends it to your mailbox. Therefore, when using greylisting, there may be a delivery delay when a recipient is contacted from the sender for the first time. This depends on the configuration of the sending email server and is typically 10 to 20 minutes. Further e-mails from the sender to the recipient's  email address will then be delivered immediately.

You can use greylisting on all of our servers. 

  1. To do this, log in to your INWX customer area and navigate to the menu item 'Hosting' on the left side menu.
  2. Now open the "Manage" link to be redirected to the 'Froxlor' server administration interface.
  3. If you want to set up greylisting for existing e-mail addresses in Froxlor, click on the menu item 'E-mail addresses' in the left side menu. You will now see an overview of the active e-mail addresses that you have already created.
  4. To enable greylisting for a domain click the green 'pencil icon' at the end of the line.
  5. On the following page you can now activate greylisting for your e-mail account.
  6. Greylisting will then be activated for your domain and ready in a few minutes, so that your incoming emails will be filtered accordingly.
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