I am no longer receiving emails because my storage space limit has been exceeded. What can I do?

2021-04-19 08:58

If the hosting package you have booked has exceeded its storage capacity, you will no longer be able to receive e-mails.

This can be fixed by upgrading your current hosting package to a larger one. You can find the offers in your customer area under menu 'Hosting' and the tab 'Switch Package'.

Of course, you could also delete e-mails that you no longer need.

If deletion is not possible or you receive an error message that there is not enough space for this action, the e-mail client only moves the emails to the trash and does not delete them.

You can empty the trash to make room, as this action will delete the emails directly on the server.

If the recycle bin is already empty or you do not want to delete the recycle bin, you can make a corresponding setting in the e-mail client. The emails to be deleted are then deleted immediately and no longer moved to the trash.

For Thunderbird users:

1. In Thunderbird, click the burger menu on the upper left, choose 'Settings' and 'Account Settings'.

2. In the menu on the left, select the menu item 'Server Settings' for the e-mail account concerned.

3. Set the option next to 'When I delete a message:' to 'Remove it immediately'.

4. E-mails can now be deleted from the mailbox without an error message.

For Apple Mail users:

1. Click on 'Mail' in the menu bar of the mail program.

2. Then select the 'Accounts' tab.

3. Uncheck 'Move deleted emails to the trash' and 'Delete deleted emails permanently'

4. E-mails can now be deleted from the mailbox without an error message. 

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