I cannot send any emails. What can I do?

Sending emails is possible with our hosting offers from Web Starter or Mail Starter. If you use an external email provider, please contact them directly.

Please check whether you have made all the settings in your email program correctly.
You can find information on this here:

If you no longer know your password for the e-mail account, you can change it at any time.
You can find information on this here:

For Deutsche Telekom customers with a Speedport router:

Some Speedport routers have a setting that restricts e-mail sending to a few providers. In that case, you would have to add our mail server as a permitted server. To do this, click on "List of secure e-mail servers" in the web interface of your Speedport router and add our outgoing mail server, which we show you in our customer area under the menu item "Hosting". You can obtain further information on operating your Speedport directly from Deutsche Telekom.