How to set up a secondary-DNS?

2016-05-25 16:07

At first you have to create an entry for your domain on the Nameserver. Here you enter our Nameserver “” as addiditonal NS-Record. Alternatively you can create a Subdomain for the IP address “ (IPv6 2001:67c:1bc::104)” and use it as a Nameserver.

If your domain was entered as a master in our Nameserver before, make sure you have deleted it before adding our Nameserver. Afterwards, follow the subsequent steps in our customer area under the menu item “Nameserver”:

  1. Click on “Manage NS-Sets”.

  2. Please create a new NS-Set by pressing the button “Add NS-Set”.

  3. Choose “Secondary DNS” for “type”.

  4. Please enter the names of your Nameservers in the input fields titled “Nameserver” as well as well as the INWX Nameserver you want to use. As “Master IP Adress” set the IP Address of your Master-Nameserver.”

After you have saved the NS-Set, you can choose it while you are entering new domains into ”Nameserver”. This will automatically set the secondary-configuration based on the master IP Address for the newly registered domain.

To use us as secondary-DNS, you must insert the respective domain into “Nameserver”. To add the domain manually, click on the menu item “Nameserver” and then on the button “add domain”. Choose the new Nameserver-Set.


Our Nameserver, that does the zonetransfers, has the IP-Address Please send your NOTIFYs to this IP Address. Furthermore, AXFR-Zonetransfers must first be allowed by this IP Adress.

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