Can I use DNSSEC with INWX?

2017-08-21 14:13

At the moment it is only possible for us to manually transmit certain DNSSEC Key values, which are:


  • DS to Algorithm 12: .AT

  • DNSKEY to Algorithm 10: .BE .EE

  • DNSKEY to Algorithm 12: .NL .CZ

  • DNSKEY to Algorithm 14: .DE .EU

  • DNSKEY and DS: .RU .FR .PT .CR .BG

  • All new TLDs should support DNSSEC in DS-format. (Others are possible at request)

You are welcome to send us your values via e-mail. Please enclose the Service-PIN of you customer account. This can be found in your personal customer area under “Settings” → “ Access details”.


In case you are running DNSSEC on your own primary DNS, you may use DNSSEC with our name servers as secondary DNS.


DNSSEC Supporting for the customer front-end is currently still in planing.

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